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Once upon a living room couch, a woman's necklace broke. Beads all over the floor and between the couch cushions, the woman was sad at first. It seemed a loss happened here. The feeling was reminiscent.  However, the story of the necklace did not end there because something new began. 

From the beads of that one broken necklace, Kali May would make earrings, a bracelet, and rings. It was alchemy. A magic trick. It was art, and she wanted more of it.

 The origin story of the Kali May Collection is one of resilience and revision. Each piece is crafted with the hope that wearers will be reminded of their greatness and their possibility. 

May the bends of wire remind you of your flexibility. May the messages make you smile. May you treasure yourself better today and each day. Which is to say: Bling... different. 

Love, light, bling bright...

-Kali May 

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