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Love: Discovery, Recovery, and Relapse by Mwikali Words

Love: Discovery, Recovery, and Relapse by Mwikali Words


In the first moments of breathing it in there was no turning back. She could not forget the beautiful pain and the relief that came when it was easy to breathe it all in. She had never planned to breathe it in so deep. To feel the burn and find herself craving the fire. She had let her heart wrap itself around this new thing and her mind did not always have a say...often had no say at all. This is the tale of a heart's journey in the mornings and midnights of life. It is the giddy, naive proclamations and the heavy, grown whispers. It is the soaking that came from tears and touch...both. It is the wild, bare beginnings and the fruitless attempts to tame it. It is the story of the Love that was the drug that made her high and held her low and let her fall and fly...both. This is the story of how she first came to know this new danger... this delicious escape. Come....see...come see...come see what the Love had done.

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